Greater Impact Campaign
Do you…
Have expendable means to donate and want to make an impact?
Believe in mankind's right to work and earn a livable wage?
Love cultural diversity and want to support global unity?
Feel a humane call to action to help support our local community?
Are you…
Seeking somewhere your pledge can make the greatest difference?
Concerned about the labor shortage and its effect on our economy?
Passionate about helping marginalized communities?
Committed to revitalizing our local economy
What goes around comes around and here is how you can make the greatest impact with your pledges. Donating to local nonprofits puts money back into our local economy just like 'buying local' does. If you focus your giving on career development based programs like Rise Culinary Institute you can help generate multi-action and resolution impact by improving employment and filling labor shortage gaps simultaneously. Also, your donations are stretched farther with our self-sustaining revenue model.
Use of Funds
The funds acquired are necessary for our organization to function and will be used for; kitchen construction, buying equipment for the culinary institute, maintenance upkeep, labor/staffing, instructors, and general supplies. Your contributions are tax-deductible.
Current Fundraising Efforts
We are extremely grateful for the support and engagement of our initial donors that include financial institutions, the corporate sector and individuals who have helped us start the construction. We are currently seeking funds to complete the construction and procure equipment. As the momentum builds towards the completion and launch of the program we are actively seeking donations to help us close the gap and make this project a reality in creating opportunities for all.

Tax ID: 82-4909520    Address: 479 E 2100 South, Salt Lake City, UT-84115
Public Private Partnership: The RISE Culinary Institute is a non-profit program operated and managed by
Saffron Kitchen, Inc.