Our Approach
We recruit eligible refugees and immigrants for our extensive 3 month culinary skills course. This educational training equips them with the necessary skills to pursue a career in the food industry. We connect them with one of our partners to complete a 6 month qualified paid internship program. Then continue to offer support while they transition into a full time position in their new career. Our program is 9 months in total.
The Problem
It's far too common for people who moved to this country to feel like they don’t belong. We all want to feel safe and welcome in the community we call home, but today, too many of our neighbors experience exclusion, isolation, harassment, and even violence on the basis of their identity. Despite efforts put forth by the resettlement agencies there is a considerable gap in helping refugees access adequate housing, education and employment due to various barriers.
The Solution
Strong communities intentionally connect and include people of all backgrounds. As places look to harness the wealth and vibrancy that comes from diverse talents and a global workforce, we believe our program is a safe and welcoming place to create an inclusive environment that maximizes these contributions and gives refugees and immigrants the tools they need to gain meaningful employment in the hospitality industry.
The Program
RISE provides hands-on culinary training and a paid internship for refugees. The program includes 3-months of curriculum programming and 6-months of paid internship at our partner restaurants.
Pledge Campaign
We are extremely grateful for the support and engagement of our donors which includes financial institutions, the corporate sector and individuals who have helped us start the construction. All contributions are tax-deductible.
Thank You Donors
Zions Bank | LDS Church | Miller Foundation
McCarthey Foundation | Jim & Krista Sorenson | Semnani Foundation | Intermountain Health Care
Jacquelyn & Gregory Zehner Fdn.
Utah Community Foundation | Dr. & Mrs. Kalpana Dinesh C. Patel | David & Naja Lockwood
Sue Rice | Kathiya Dang | The Sam & Diane Stewart Family Foundation | Clyde Companies
Community Partners